Treating and CURING Periodontal and Gum Disease - $9.75

Treating and CURING Periodontal and Gum Disease - $9.75

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Periodontal Disease/Gum Disease Treatments

Back in January of this year, I decided it was time to visit the dentist since I had not been in 5 years. What an eye opening experience that would turn out to be!

Let me start out by saying that before 5 years ago, I used to go to the dentist every 6 months as we were always told to do. They would do their cleaning, and check my teeth for cavities. If there was a cavity, I had it filled right away (with there toxic mercury fillings, which I was not aware of, but they are!). The last time I went to the dentist, 5 years ago, I went because I had a very small chip in my back molar. I expected them to just fix the little chip and smooth it out and seal it. This is not what they did. They drilled out the entire mercury filling, and replaced it all with another filling. The impact on the tooth was traumatic, and ever since then, the tooth has been sensitive and often flairs up up an infection. To make a long story short, I was very disappointed with them for the way they handled my tooth, and then I was mad at myself for not asking questions and being more proactive in my teeth. I was so disappointed with that situation that I did not visit a dentist for 5 years. In those 5 years, I brushed pretty regularly and starting using those little plastic dental floss things. Back 5 years ago, my gums had started to recede a little and my gums hurt often, with occasional bleeding. Very typical of gum disease. After using the little floss sticks over the past 5 years my gums are much healthier with very little bleeding. As a final note on my dental history, I definitely had the all american dental care... checkups every 6 months, and lots of fillings when I was young. In all my 45 years of regular dental visits, I never got any real education and insight into taking care of my teeth from my dentists, except the standard line of brush often, floss and stay away from sweets. Not very useful information, since I continued to have teeth problems all my life. Dentists are doctors. Doctors are supposed to heal... to cure... to help you do preventive things... etc... But all my dentists over the years only treated the symptoms by drilling my teeth and filling with poison, but my dentists never tried to cure my problems! As many of you know by now, this is the "business as usual" for the medical establishment in the country. Treat the symptoms, and you have a patient for life, find a cure, and you lose a paying customer! I could go on and on, but let's get back to my main story... my recent dental visit!

As I started out this article, I went to the dentist back in January to have a few issues taken care of and to get a check out. I had 2 rear molars that had small chips that had broken off, and maybe I would have my teeth whitened and another cosmetic fix. On this visit, the dentist did a full set of x-rays and did the normal probing of the teeth and these guys even had a small hand held video camera so they could show me what they found... and WOW... did they find a LOT!!! I could hear the dentist telling the assistant all these arcane codes for just about every tooth in my mouth. I did not know what they meant, but I had a feeling it was not good!! lol. Again, to make a long story a bit shorter, They said I had periodontal disease, needed 2 root canals, a few fillings, caps for the 2 root canals, and a complete scaling and planing of all my teeth for the periodontal disease!!!! WOW... I had no idea!! They wanted to get me in right away and schedule me for the scaling and planing. I said, how much is this going to cost??!! They said $3,200!!!!! Holy shit!!! And how much is the root canals and fillings and everything else??? $5000 +++. I am like no way!!! So... what's a person to do with news like this?? I said, let me think on this and I will get back to you!

I gotta say, I was really freaked out by the whole experience! I could not believe how many issues I had and how many teeth had potential issues. So... what does any self respecting computer expert do in such a circumstance... he jumps on google and does research research research!!!! LOL. What an eye opener that was!! I learned so much about teeth and gums but more importantly, I learned how much we have been scammed by the dental establishment! They basically want to use all their expensive equipment to fill teeth with a toxic, highly poisonous substance called mercury (one of the most poisonous substances known to man!), or drill the roots out of your teeth, or pull your teeth out and replace with highly profitable dentures! And the most these doctors of the mouth can offer is brush often, floss and don't eat sweets!!! That's it!!! These are highly trained people, and that is all they can offer!!!

Well, the truth I discovered is that there is a lot you can do!!! A lot you can do to stop periodontal disease/gum disease dead in it's tracks and there is even research that the damage of cavities can be reversed! Now I am not a medical expert, but I am a smart person and am very good at research. I read many many articles on periodontal disease/gum disease and got all kinds of varying information from the standard line that periodontal disease/gum disease is not curable and your only option is to visit a dentist every 3 months for the rest of your life at $150/visit to periodontal disease/gum disease can be cured and fixed and for a lot less money!!! Well that was music to my ears!! I did not want to spend all that money when a much better option was available that cost a huge amount less!!!

I bought about $75 in dental supplies and am now on a path to repairing my teeth and making them healthier AND not just treating the symptoms but curing my disease!!! Since I am not a respected dental authority, I am not going to rewrite all that I have learned, because I hate typing and would probably miss a lot of important information. It is not enough for me to tell you what to do just because I say it works... you need to have a complete picture of the problem, where is all started and then what you can do to cure periodontal disease/gum disease. When it comes to the mouth, all the problems are related to a few strains of bacteria and once you learn how to control these bacteria, you are on your way to curing or at least stopping periodontal disease/gum disease. And if you do this, you will not have any problems with cavities, root canals, caps, bridges, bad breath, and the worst option, pulling all your teeth and getting dentures!

I am offering a couple ebooks written by a Doctor/Dentist that realized the status quo of the dental establishment was way off base and not helping people cure their oral issues but just wanting to treat the symptoms! As a doctor, he knew this was wrong! The very sad thing is that the American Dental Association tried to take his license away because he wanted to teach people how to rid themselves of periodontal disease/gum disease and they WOULD NOT LET HIM!!!! They took him to court for trying to cure people!!! But the ADA knew that there was a lot more money to be made for dentists treating symptoms than curing people!!! How sad!!! Again, the almighty dollar wins over helping people with real solutions!

You can buy the e-books for a super low price of $9.75 and I am sure it will save you thousands of dollars in dental bills!! I know it did me, and the government says 98% of Americans have periodontal disease/gum disease!!! So just about everyone can benefit from this incredible knowledge!! The ebooks will give you the complete picture of what the real problem is (that dentists will not cure for you) and the ebooks will give you detailed, very low cost ways to cure your periodontal disease/gum disease! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

I hope everyone reading this will take their oral health into there own hands, because as usual, the only one who really cares about saving your teeth is YOU!

This website will offer up a couple (4!) inexpensive ebooks that tell you how to cure or stop periodontal and gum disease... something my dentists told me could not be done! But they are wrong! You can STOP periodontal and gum disease! My 4 inexpensive ebooks show you how. THE BEST $9.75 YOU EVER SPENT!

Buy my 4 ebooks on how to cure gum disease! The best $20.00 $9.75 you ever spent!! SAVE THOUSANDS!

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